Some years are memorable but

Some years are memorable but 2020 will be especially so. Some trips you are going over and over in your memory, but our Death Valley adventure with Katya will remain unique in so many ways.

Katya magically connected the breathtaking views, adventurous hikes, challenging climbs, with fascinating stories about rock formations, geology of volcanos, mud hills, and deep valleys, with traditions of Indian tribes and historical colonization of the West.

We were able to wash off the tensions and challenges of this year in natural hot springs, while enjoying spectacular sunrises in warm swimming pools and stargazing at the planets in the private Japanese style baths under the clear night sky.

Living on the East coast I did not experience America in all its beauty with colorful canyons, crawling stones, endless desert playas, and mystical moving rocks. Katya gave me an opportunity to experience the ascetic beauty of

Joshua trees Forest, the warmth of desert stones, unexpected discoveries of old gas station, aliens and American history.

I sensed vibrations of Vargan, the musical instrument Katya was playing during our hikes. A transcending experience indeed.

Most importantly, Katya created an atmosphere of openness, curiosity and friendship. I met amazing people and we had meaningful, deep conversation. I could have never dreamed of such a great company. It was an unexpected gift of 2020. Thank you Katya!


Maria Sokolina
Январь, 2021

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