Shasta is one of the esoteric “centers” of United States, with many different legends intersecting in this one spot. For Native Americans it is a healing mountain, the place where Native shaman healers went through their training; for the Japanese, Mt. Shasta is a sister of the sacred Fuji mountain. We heard fascinating legends of an ancient city of the lemurian civilization that lies underneath the mountain; and that while meditating on the mountain, one can open the door to Shambhala — the country of enlightened masters. This was not my first time on Mt. Shasta, but during this trip I got to know this truly amazing mountain a little better. It peaks at 4322 meters above sea level, and when the glacier starts melting during the summer it fills the mountain slopes with creeks and breathtaking alpine meadows; everything is filled with flowers. There’s a immaculate pine forest calling to be explored, as well as the flowery fields and the glacier located just a little bit above.

The energy flowing on this mountain is truly powerful yet delicate, and after meditating there I feel increased clarity and inspiration, and even had a few creative projects ripen in my mind.

Aside from the magical mountain, we saw many other interesting things. We spent a day at the McCloud Waterfalls, perceived as healing by the Karuk tribe and hiked into caves full of stalactites. We also held a few rituals with some local esoteric enthusiasts like Anna, a shaman and the keeper of the crystal skulls believed to be of Mayan descent, as well as the Telos group, which studies the Lemurian civilization. I was very glad to see Anna, as she is the one who made my travel tambourine that hasn’t left my side in two years. Anna led an amazing shamanic ceremony and made a very beautiful tambourine for one of the people in our group. We then checked in at the Steward Hot Springs resort, where we could relax and bathe in the healing springs after all of our adventures. The family of esoteric enthusiasts from Ukraine that we traveled with were a joy to be around as well. It is always easy to tell when a yogi’s practice is going successfully, when you see them moving through space with happiness, gently overcoming obstacles and being  kind and open in their communication. With Igor and Valya everything was easy, interesting and magical. It’s like we were creating a fairy tale-journey together, and we even had our own fairy — their seven-year old daughter Nastya, which kept attracting butterflies and birds.

The tour was such a success, that I decided to repeat it in October, only this time as a seminar called “Finding resources, opening roads and fulfilling wishes” — I am currently working on the full description. After the tour was finished our visitors continued their travel to Hawaii, and my friend Natasha and I went to Harbin, my all-time favorite resort in California.

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