ZheleznyakThe guide into the «Unknown Mexico», a mathematician by education and an anthropologist by calling. For many years, Igor Zheleznyak combined working as a project manager with journeying around the world; he traveled from the Cape of Good Hope to Seoul, from Rio to Calcutta, and from Seattle to London. He was also simultaneously conducting a large-scale study of historic materials, mainly on the parallel development of events in the 17-19 century South Africa, Central America, and especially, Mexico…

Zheleznyak believes the latest to be a country with a rich history and a unique, fun-loving, kind-hearted population which inherited the features of two different civilizations. After living and working in Mexico for several years, Zheleznyak began to organize tours. The main purpose of those tours is to familiarize foreigners with the cultural and historical heritage of this truly extraordinary country.

It’s probably the same for other enthusiasts: my main goal during those tours is to share something I’ve loved and admired for a long time, places far away and usually hard to reach. I’m doing it with the hope that others will come to share the way I feel. I really want to provide travelers with the opportunity to experience Mexico through my eyes and to see that they, too, now can’t help but smile when thinking about Mexico.

What do I like the most about Mexico? There’s the illogical history, fun-filled fiestas and Native holidays. But best of all is that surreal feeling you get when walking down one of the streets built in the 16th century: all of a sudden, you feel like you’re being transferred several centuries back into the past. However, this phenomenon doesn’t seem as surprising once you encounter the unhasty dignity and a decency that’s rare to find, all in the ordinary people living in these mountain towns and villages.

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