The last trip of 2010 was unusual for Ursa Travel club. In addition to exploring the Big Island’s magical and unbridled nature, we have also learned to use yoga and meditation to preserve bits of “Aloha” — love, peace and happiness — within our heart. Together, we walked through green valleys, black and white sand beaches, an active volcano crater, waterfalls and jungle. We got lucky and saw places and events that are being passed by thousands of unsuspecting tourists every day. We sat a meter away from burning lava, ate tropical fruit straight from the trees and swam in the ocean right next to dolphins, who must’ve decided to hit up the beach that day as well. Each one of us poured a piece of themselves into this trip and shared their talents with the others — we had group yoga sessions, learned massage techniques, cooked delicious foods, made art, bracelets, and just enjoyed the time spent in a great company.

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