Vika OstrovskyVika was born in Odessa and moved to the United States with her parents when she was 11 years old. She’s been living in Hawaii since 2009.

After graduating college in the noisy New York City, Vika went to Hawaii for a few months, looking for a place more quiet and peaceful. Here she was struck by the beauty and uniqueness of local nature and fell in love with this land, just like many of the travelers who visited these islands.

The longer you live in Hawaii, the more you fall in love with this place, and that love is much stronger than the desire to return. The islands are strikingly beautiful, with a variety of landscapes and colors. Here, people coexist happily and peacefully with each other and with the ancient gods, fairy tales become reality, and as nowhere else, you suddenly understand how small a human being really is when compared to the majestic forces of nature.

Vika works as a teacher. One of her favorite pastimes is introducing visitors to the amazing nature, history and culture of Hawaii, and sharing the hidden treasures of her personal paradise. Vika leads tours of the Hawaiian islands and can organize any kind of program to better suit your interests.

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