• Tired of the traditional travel options and package deal tours?
  • Searching for something new?
  • Interested in visiting places of power with full immersion into the local environment?
  • Want to learn about local culture, legends, ceremonies and rituals?
  • Like to be “one on one” with the nature, as opposed to being surrounded by a crowd of tourists?
  • Or perhaps you like to spend your time with good use, both by relaxing and learning something new?

If you answered «yes» to at least a few of these questions, then probably we are going in the same direction.

We are not a travel agency!

We do not offer traditional tours. Our journeys consist of full immersion in the surrounding habitat, culture and history of the place; they are full of adventures, interaction with local residents, and include elements of surprise and improvisation. 

Because of that, we never aim to visit as many places as possible during our tours. The travel itineraries include only several locations, providing the opportunity to explore them as  thoroughly as possible. Coming home from such a journey, you will be able to call yourself an expert with full confidence. Instead of gazing at the world through the windows of a tour bus, your vacation was spent descending down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, participating in a Native American ceremony, or making offerings to the Hawaiian gods. Once you step off the beaten path, the possibilities are endless!


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