Here is one more story that I heard from Mario Blackwolf, a good friend of mine. I tried my best to preserve the original storytelling style. Before I begin, I would like to clarify what a shaman is: he is the spiritual leader of a tribe, who has the ability to heal not only bodies, but also the souls of his people; he is the guardian of traditions and spiritual heritage, as well as a guide into the realm of the spirits.

The sun was bright and warm but the white sand beneath my feet made it hard to walk a quickened pace. I stop for a moment and reflected, “How did I get here?” I thought to myself, nothing but miles of white sand and dunes all around. “Did I break down on the highway somewhere… how far did I stray from my car… and where was I heading to?” logical questions anyone would ask themselves given the circumstances but the most obvious question that lingers is, “Where the Hell am I?”

It felt as if I had been walking for a long while and yet I wasn’t as tired as someone would be, having to walk in an isolate desert of nowhere. Still, as mysterious and strange it all seemed there was a consciousness of tranquility I felt as I walked in the sand, almost as if I was being compelled to continue onward. Yet even though I sensed I was being lead, it was my curiosity that pressed me even more.


“Fire?” I laughed out loud. Although my journey had been peaceful I was still apprehensive from the beginning; not knowing where I was or how I got there and even more concerning… why?

Whatever the reason, I knew in my heart the answer was just over the next dune and my pace was faster now. There was a slight breeze in the air and although I was fully clothed I did not feel uncomfortable with a bright sun beaming down on me. Quit the opposite, the temperature was very comfortable this alone helped me to press on even though the sand itself made it harder to catch a decent stride. Still for obvious reasons, I wanted answers and who ever started that fire might have them. Soon I found small foot prints in the sand and without hesitating I quickened my pace and followed them.

They lead over the second sand dune where as I reached the top I spotted someone squatting down by a small fire pit freshly made. As I made my way to him the closer I got I could see that he was a small black man with matted hair, a full beard and wearing only a loin cloth. He was an elder and had white painted dots with line that shaped the contours of his face and flesh scared tattoos all over his body with a pierced nose of some kind of animal bone. I realized then where I had traveled to.

He was squatting down near the now burning ambers left of the fire lightly tossing small pebbles into the pit and as he looked up at me he smiled warmly as if he was not to surprised to see me.

Although at first I was filled with questions I found it hard to ask them, because now I knew who and what he was and I didn’t want to disrespect him with inquiry, but I needed to know…

“Why did you bring me here?” I asked as I stood over him.

“I am not sure….” He replied as I could only hear his thoughts. “I guess I just wanted to see if I could.” He smiled.

“I’ve never traveled this far before.” I said as I squatted down next to him.

“Neither have I” He said and smiled again.

“Why me?” I asked him feeling more relaxed now recognizing his dignity, of that as an aboriginal “Ha’tal’hee” (medicine man)

He just smiled at me and then stood up, tossing the last of his pebbles into the pit and turned to walk away. But he took only a few steps and turned to looked at me he said, “You were the only one that answered… I just wanted to see if I could do it.” And with that, he walked away and I watched him fade into the sand dunes of time…


…Suddenly I woke up on the couch and gasping for air dazed and confused. It was as if I was pulled back through the realm of space and time and propel back into my body. I had put in a few extra hours of over time at work this past week and it all caught up to me that when I got home I fell asleep right away on the couch… I was exhausted.

As I started to regain my mindset back in order my first thought was that I only imagined it all. That this was a very lucid dream because of my fatigue, maybe even from something I ate, reasonable answers… that was until I went into the kitchen for a cold glass of water. For some reason I was extremely thirsty and felt weak but as I turned to head back to the front room that’s when I could feel and hear the small crackling under my feet. As I looked down that’s when I noticed the small trail of white sand leading from the couch in the front room to the kitchen where I stood.

“Just wanted to see if I could do it.” I heard the elders voice echoing in my head…

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