StasStas is our guide in Peru and Bolivia, has graduated from the University of Montreal with a degree in philosophy and mathematics. Fluent in five languages: Russian, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. A certified yoga instructor.

Stas is one of those people who are fascinated by ancient civilizations and the life of indigenous people; he has lived among the Uighurs in China, spent time traveling in Pakistan, and has lived in Peru for two and a half years. Stas impressed us with his deep knowledge of the culture and history of Native tribes living along the Amazon and in the Andes.

One of his fields of expertise is local plants, and the ways they are used in healing and shamanism.

The way he can connect with just about anyone is truly amazing. Thanks to Stas, we were introduced to Don Rosendo, the famous local curandero. The chief(apu) of Chirikyaku village has consulted him about the best ways to accommodate tourists in their rural community. Stas knows infinite stories about local life and Amazonia’s inhabitants, and is always happy to share them. A journey with him will reveal the secrets of Amazonia, and will take you to places unreachable by ordinary tourists. Traveling with Stas, we got to see and experience the real Amazonia: lively, vibrant, stunningly beautiful, one of the most abundant, magical and unexplored places on the planet Earth.

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