The ceremony will be held outdoors, at a beautiful location with strong energy — a Place of Power. The bride and groom must independently write down words of love and devotion to each other. This gesture will make their union sacred. During the ceremony, they will present those words to the shaman, along with offerings for the spirits: the sacred sage plant with its cleansing smoke, corn flour as the main food of Native Americans before contact with Europeans, and tobacco — a plant that was used for both medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The couple then asks for their union to be blessed.

The ceremony begins with bringing offerings to the spirits of North, South, West and East, Father-Sky and Mother-Earth, ancestors and descendants.

After this, two circles are made on the ground using corn flour. They symbolize the two different worlds from which the bride and groom came, the two lives that they have lived separately and must now leave behind in order to start a new life together.

The shaman then creates a third, much larger circle on the ground to symbolize the new world they will be building together. He leads the newlyweds into this new circle and ties them together hand to hand and ring to ring, if the couple decided to have rings. Once their hands are tied, the bride and groom stand together in this new circle and tell each other the words of love and devotion they have written down earlier. Once all is said, the shaman loudly repeats the words for all the guests and the rest of the Universe to hear. Their hands are then untied, and rings may be exchanged if desired.

The bride and groom confess their love and devotion to each other once again and seal it with a kiss. The official part of the ritual is over, and the newlywed couple along with their guests proceed to rejoice and dance inside the large circle of new life. Everyone is invited to participate in the festivities, including any people who just happened to be near. The main goal is to fill this new life with fun and happiness.


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