German Karelsky, Moscow:  “Alla Goncharenko and I have just returned from a tour of the National Parks in Utah and Arizona, USA. We met Katya Belykh and Dina Ostrovsky — the orchestrators of these travels — through our associate Irina Zingerman. They both are amazing, sensitive and inquisitive people. We are convinced, that, by deciding to accompany them on this pilgrimage to the Earth’s womb, we scored an unforgettable vacation and many soulful experiences.

The trip was captivating. We had good travel companions, and Katya Belykh turned out to be an amazing guide.  We are now ready to follow her anywhere, no matter how far away or remote, especially since a lot of the faraway remote places (like Grand Canyon) became a lot more appealing after I heard her speak about them. I completely forgot all the small details of the tour, as the flow of events was uninterrupted. But the key moments remain bright in my memory.”

Saida, New York: “During the June 12th-20th trip to Arizona, Utah and Nevada I got more remarkable experiences than in all the 15 years I spent in US, combined. I loved everything. My jaw became tired of constantly dropping from looking at the beauty around me. The tour was entertaining, educational and physically challenging, all in perfect proportions. Everyone in the group got along really well, and Katya is a natural-born leader for these kinds of tours. I also think she is a good psychologist: she managed to find an approach to everyone while remaining attentive, confident and humorous. “

Marina F., New York: “I returned from Katya’s Places of Power tour not only filled with impressions of the nature, beautiful and forceful like I’ve never seen before — I also had a feeling that it allowed me to awaken abilities lying dormant deep within me, overcome myself and let go of my fears. I felt nature’s inspirational energy very strong in those magic places. I could never imagine that sleeping in a tent camp by the fire in the mountains would turn out to be such a joy. I felt close to the Earth like I never felt living in the city.

The places Katya took us to were so beautiful that I wanted to stop and take a picture under every single cactus. A very strong impression was left by the Grand Canyon. It was, undoubtedly, a true touch of The Great and Awesome Divine Beauty. I was really impressed by the National Parks of Utah as well.

Katya is an astonishing, sensitive and knowledgeable guide. She possesses a phenomenal hunch for finding the most picturesque spots, deserted and untouched by humans, which makes them even more powerful. The mood and atmosphere throughout the tour was friendly and fun, as if we were celebrating life for a week non-stop. I enjoyed her care, understanding and attention during times of distress and on the physically challenging hikes, where Katya’s cheerful presence could always be felt.

The only thing I could wish for is a chance to stay longer in those enchanted places. Thank you, Katya — I will definitely be telling all my friends about your backpacking wonders!”

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