Founder and the ideological mastermind of Ursa Travel Club. She has a MS diploma in Environmental Science and teaching, and also is a licensed parachutist and scuba diving instructor.

Her fascination with the Wild West and Polynesian culture began with trekking into the Grand Canyon and visiting Hawaii for the first time, shortly after moving to the United States 15 years ago. These hobbies eventually became a passion and grew into a career: Katya has been leading tours on the North American continent and Hawaii for the past 10 years.

Katya Belykh

“The beauty and diversity of North America’s nature are striking to the imagination, and the culture and history of this continent are equally astonishing. First and foremost, of course, is the heritage of the indigenous tribes: their worldview differs drastically from the conventional ways, and we can all learn some things from them”.

Katya works closely with Native American guides in her travels, arranging meetings and rituals with shamans and kahunas (Hawaiian shamans), and leading trips into Native American reservations. Her ongoing projects include the translation of books written by Mario Blackwolf of the Apache tribe, as well as the publication of travel blogs and stories on Russian Internet.

Another great interest of hers involves studying “places of power” and the impact they have on humans; the tours that Katya leads all pass through such places of power, many of which are held sacred by the indigenous people.

“What do these voyages mean to me? I will lead you to places that I love, and to which I feel deeply connected. The way they reveal themselves to us will be a personal experience for everyone. Every journey is unique in itself, and as I introduce you to my treasures they also become yours. This makes all of us and the rest of the world a little bit richer, for after all is said and done, the only true wealth is love, and the more you share it, the wealthier you become.”

“What will this trip become for you? I’m not the one to know. These journeys are an opportunity to connect with yourself and the world around, to understand something new. What will this realization be? It most likely will relate to something you currently find important. I have no way of knowing what will unfold for you during our travels; I merely create the conditions for manifesting your deeply hidden and previously unseen qualities…and for your reconnection with the Universe itself.”

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