Taisiya Zaretskaya: «This August we went to explore Hawaii with Katya Belykh. Our itinerary covered the biggest Hawaiian island — The Big Island. The 11 days that we spent on Hawaii went by very pleasantly. The hotels we stayed at were nice and simple. People over at the Macadamia Nut Farm have organized a really interesting garden excursion and told us a lot about farming life on Hawaii. A few nights were spent camping out in the wilderness — I could not stop staring at the star-filled sky. Hawaiian nature is very beautiful, and we got to see many amazing and wonderful places. We had many thrilling adventures during this trip.

Taya Z. 08/29/2009«

Margarita Zaretskaya: «During our 11-day trip to the Big Island (organized by the Ursa Travel Club) we went all around and up and down the whole island, exploring all the prettiest and often hard-to-reach places.

The route was well planned and balanced. Our guide Katya showed such sincere care and attention to each member of the group, that throughout the whole trip there was not a single uncomfortable moment — let alone an argument or a complaint. We had the opportunity to not only familiarize ourselves with the island, but to speak with the local residents as well.

By the way, living life between a volcano and a tsunami makes people more open, sympathetic, cheerful and surprisingly calm. That must be because in places like this you realize that the future is unpredictable, worrying about long-term plans is pointless, and life is beautiful — right here and right now.


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