Photographer, skydiving instructor with over 3600 jumps logged (as well as participation in Russian and World record-holding jumps in the Large Formations category), scuba diving instructor, an underwater photographer, and a biker. In 2000, took part in the highest recorded altitude scuba dive in Lake Tilicho, Himalayas. It is one of the highest lakes on Earth, located in Nepal. In 2007, published a book dedicated to Tanzanian wildlife and nature. Author of several photography exhibitions in Moscow and New York.

First prize for the «People, Birds, Beasts» exhibition at the “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg, 2009. A guest on the “Animal World” Russian TV show, 2012.

Starting in 2000, Dmitry has been working in the tour industry — scuba diving, bike tours, and, since 2003, tours into the African savannah. He has made over 20 trips to the national parks of Tanzania (Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ruaha), Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa.

My tours almost always lie through little-traveled and extremely beautiful places. When diving, we’ll be looking for sharks and caves; when biking, we will go into the deserts of Utah and Arizona or into the British Columbia’s taiga to see the grizzly bears; when in Africa, we will visit places with very few tourists and a lot of animals. I design the routes myself, without referring to the travel itineraries of major tour operators. I bring my groups only to places I’ve been before, where I know exactly what to expect and what you can and can’t do.

Many times I’ve witnessed this: a person lands in Africa, barely familiar with their own photo gear. Then, every night, we go through everything that was captured during the day. And at some point, a miracle always happens: we see photos that can be displayed in any showroom without a doubt. And it’s a great joy for me as well, because you can take with you the awesome photos, unforgettable experiences, and a great mood.

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