Klara: “Dina, Vlad! Thank you so much for this lovely tour. The mood in the group, surprisingly, was upheld by every single member. So a big thanks to everyone, I would definitely go for another adventure with you guys. When you’re in the mountains, humor and patience are crucial. I will go anywhere with you guys, as long as I have the finances and… strength! “The only thing better than mountains are mountains you haven’t climbed yet” — so grandiose and magnificent. I had no idea everything was so wonderful. Hugs to all of you.”

Marina, Boston: “May Dina and Vlad forgive me for the late review, but I just really wanted to write about our trip to the Death Valley. To describe it in two words — “loved it”, and in three words — “really loved it”! Mountains, a volcanic crater, the rippled Zabriskie Point, sizzling hot desert sand, hot springs, an unimaginably beautiful oasis, honey made from cacti and avocados, palm trees, a friendly coyote by the road — all of that and many more things happened in under four and a half days. A small, quick-moving and unfussy group of fun people led by angel-voiced Vlad and the inexhaustible Dina turned out to be the best remedy for fatigue brought on by daily routine. It also gave me a charge of good spirits that lasted for many months after. Many thanks, and good luck!

Marina, Boston, 05/13/2011

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