Danesh is an expert in Northern California and a Kundalini Yoga instructor in Berkeley. His optimism and energy combines with a wide experience in traveling and wildlife science, as well as knowledge of history and arts. Danesh stays friends with many of the famous musicians, producers, yoga teachers and shaman healers who live in or often visit the San Francisco Bay area.

His extraordinary personality, a diverse set of skills and a sincere desire to share beauty with those around him make Danesh a unique guide.

DaneshDanesh about himself:

“Traveling has been my passion since early childhood. Even after spending 10 years in California, I discover something new and exciting every day.

In my youth I studied music and art, and spent a lot of time interacting with the majestic nature of Ural Mountains. I have also always liked philosophy, spiritual practices and physical self-improvement.

After moving to California I discovered a blooming culture, where all these hobbies can combine organically.

Here, the Golden Gates lead to a wonderland where mountains, valleys, deserts, hot springs and vineyards become home to many spiritual traditions from around the world.

Self-improvement, a healthy lifestyle, yoga and fine arts have become an everyday reality of many local people.

The pinnacle of this new movement is the world-famous festivals such as Burning Man, Harmony and Wanderlust.

My goal is to share with travelers all of the best, unique and fascinating things in this field.

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