Every year, at the end of July — beginning of August, Ursa Travel club heads out to Maine to pick blueberries and cool down from the summer heat of New York City. The travel plan usually includes trekking and camping in Acadia National Park (most scenic park on the East Coast), and lots of great food: Maine is widely known for its blueberries, lobsters, seafood, ice cream and beer. Читать далее

Tamara’s review (New York):

“Dear Dina and Denis, thank you so much for this amazing tour. We didn’t just see new interesting places, we got an opportunity to learn a lot of things spiritually as well. We got a chance to escape the daily commotion and witness a beautiful world, full of untainted thoughts and possibilities. The morning yoga session under Denise’s guidance has opened a new great potential of the body and spirit deep within us. The mineral hot springs that we got to enjoy both in the morning after yoga sessions and at night after hiking the mountains all day have allowed us to keep our minds and bodies powerful, yet relaxed. Out expectations for this trip were high, but the reality has surpassed all expectations. A big thank you to Katya and Lena. We have learned a lot from them. A big thank thank you to all the young participants of this tour. They amazed us all with their imagination and bravery…”

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This tour was held in conjunction with our Moscow partner — the Alpindustria adventure team.

Alpindustria Adventure Team members (led by Nadezhda Novikova) have come to North America in search of adventures. Their route went through California, Nevada and Arizona. To us, this is isn’t just a new and interesting route, or a whole new area to trek and travel. This will also be our first “descent” down into a canyon, since we usually do trekking and climbing.

Alpindustria team’s review


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