Founder and the ideological mastermind of Ursa Travel Club. She has a MS diploma in Environmental Science and teaching, and also is a licensed parachutist and scuba diving instructor.

Her fascination with the Wild West and Polynesian culture began with trekking into the Grand Canyon and visiting Hawaii for the first time, shortly after moving to the United States 15 years ago. These hobbies eventually became a passion and grew into a career: Katya has been leading tours on the North American continent and Hawaii for the past 10 years. Читать далее

Author, founder and the ideological mastermind of Ursa Travel club. After building a successful career in computer consulting, Dina spent the last 12 years undergoing intensive training with Buddhist masters, masters of Qigong and Siberian shamans. A certified personal coach specializing in transpersonal psychology, she is also an instructor of the Cane Qigong exercise system. Dina has recently moved on from her computer consulting career to a career in transpersonal coaching and the organization of seminars.

There once was a wolf that lived in a great valley known by many animals. One night on an evening hunt, the wolf heard from a distance, mysterious but beautiful songs. He had never heard them before. He was so enchanted by these strange yet wonderful songs that he went to investigate where they were coming from. By half an evenings time he came upon a beautiful owl perched in a tree. For the longest time he sat looking up a the owl, listening to her songs. He had become so enchanted with her and her music that every night he would go to that same spot and listen, and every night the owl would sing to the moon and the stars for their presence… Читать далее

Vika was born in Odessa and moved to the United States with her parents when she was 11 years old. She’s been living in Hawaii since 2009.

After graduating college in the noisy New York City, Vika went to Hawaii for a few months, looking for a place more quiet and peaceful. Here she was struck by the beauty and uniqueness of local nature and fell in love with this land, just like many of the travelers who visited these islands. Читать далее

Danesh is an expert in Northern California and a Kundalini Yoga instructor in Berkeley. His optimism and energy combines with a wide experience in traveling and wildlife science, as well as knowledge of history and arts. Danesh stays friends with many of the famous musicians, producers, yoga teachers and shaman healers who live in or often visit the San Francisco Bay area.

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The guide into the «Unknown Mexico», a mathematician by education and an anthropologist by calling. For many years, Igor Zheleznyak combined working as a project manager with journeying around the world; he traveled from the Cape of Good Hope to Seoul, from Rio to Calcutta, and from Seattle to London. He was also simultaneously conducting a large-scale study of historic materials, mainly on the parallel development of events in the 17-19 century South Africa, Central America, and especially, Mexico…

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Stas is our guide in Peru and Bolivia, has graduated from the University of Montreal with a degree in philosophy and mathematics. Fluent in five languages: Russian, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. A certified yoga instructor.

Stas is one of those people who are fascinated by ancient civilizations and the life of indigenous people; he has lived among the Uighurs in China, spent time traveling in Pakistan, and has lived in Peru for two and a half years. Stas impressed us with his deep knowledge of the culture and history of Native tribes living along the Amazon and in the Andes.

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Photographer, skydiving instructor with over 3600 jumps logged (as well as participation in Russian and World record-holding jumps in the Large Formations category), scuba diving instructor, an underwater photographer, and a biker. In 2000, took part in the highest recorded altitude scuba dive in Lake Tilicho, Himalayas. It is one of the highest lakes on Earth, located in Nepal. In 2007, published a book dedicated to Tanzanian wildlife and nature. Author of several photography exhibitions in Moscow and New York.

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