Mr. Drozdov and his companions explored the national parks of Florida and North California, as well as visiting the Big Island of Hawaii.

 At that time, the ongoing Kilauea crater eruption was very active and the hot lava flowing into the ocean looked amazing — one of the best lava-flow-into-ocean occurrences in the past 10 years! To see it close up we rented a small boat and enjoyed the view from a short distance. However, the ocean water became very hot and we had to move the boat further away after only a few minutes because the captain said it might damage the engine. Sizzling red-hot lava chunks were bouncing (or floating?) on the water, launching water spray and steam in all directions.

 When lava collides with water, it instantly hardens into a porous rock with air and steam filling all the bubbles. This results in rocks floating on the surface, looking very obscure until they sink later as they cool down. The boat launch process was unusual as well: the boat sits in the back of a small, but powerful trailer truck. The passengers and the captain climb on board, and once the boat is set to sail it is slowly lowered into the water by the truck, as it pushes the trailer down a paved ramp.

 The voyage ends in the same manner: the captain carefully steers the boat on top of the trailer where it gets secured, and the same truck pulls it out of the water. The passengers can then exit the boat at the parking lot.

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