Every year, at the end of July — beginning of August, Ursa Travel club heads out to Maine to pick blueberries and cool down from the summer heat of New York City. The travel plan usually includes trekking and camping in Acadia National Park (most scenic park on the East Coast), and lots of great food: Maine is widely known for its blueberries, lobsters, seafood, ice cream and beer.

This year’s weather “pleasantly” surprised us with rain and cold on several nights, so we definitely got a good break from the heat — perhaps even started to miss it. As always, the lobsters and blueberries were delicious, the mosquitoes — hungry, and all the beautiful scenery was still beautiful. We found a lake with amazingly warm water (reportedly the warmest one in the whole park, with water temperature around 22 C) and an awesome beach. Next time, weather permitting, we’ll definitely take a swim! We also discovered the alluring Swan Island that can only be reached by boat; it’s a very wild and secluded place with an empty, beautiful beach. There are houses located in the woods, usually rented out or visited by owners during the summer. During the winter months there’s only about 350 people that stay on the island, most of them fishermen. We didn’t make it to the fishermen’s town though, because we lingered on the beach and started running late for the boat back to mainland. We’ll just have to explore that town next year when we come back. A bit cold and very happy, we came back to the city to enjoy the heat :)

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