Yulya Jinitskaya: «This was the second time I’ve traveled with Katya; first time was a trip to Grand Canyon. I was convinced that nothing can be prettier than Grand Canyon and the desert that surrounds it, but in Acadia I realized that it’s not true. The park is breathtaking with a unique, northern beauty. The tour was very physically active, allowing me to feel strong and youthful again. Nothing compares to blueberries picked right off the bush and the fresh lobsters in Bar Harbor’s restaurants!»

Katya Belykh: «What can I say about our trip to Acadia? It was really short! What have we managed to do in that time? We did so much! We hiked in the woods and climbed rocky cliffs until our feet were hurting. We ate blueberries until we couldn’t eat them anymore. There were berries everywhere — on every mountain trail, every little “shelf” on the rock walls. They were large, ripe, and delicious! I have never gone into a “food coma” just from eating blueberries before.

We basked at the beach in the gentle northern sun rays, unafraid of getting sunburned. No one was brave enough to swim, unfortunately — the water was really cold. But it was very clean and transparent, so we got to observe all the curious little critters swarming in the shallow water by the shore. And the beaches! Clean, coarse sand, very few people — a dream come true for a New Yorker.

Every night — a fire under the star-filled sky. Deep conversations under a full moon…

We welcomed the sunrise at Mt. Cadillac. It was very beautiful and very cold. Watching the sunset and moonrise at the same place — just as beautiful and not any warmer. We explored a small, cozy town of Bar Harbor, shopped for souvenirs and did a whole lot of sightseeing. We ate delicious fish and fresh lobsters. We tried local beers, one of them — a blueberry ale — actually tasted and smelled like blueberries and was very delicious… This is how our little 4 day trip turned out.»

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